Crafters Union

Wrapped wine previously appeared in the NZ market only as limited editions for luxury wines. We were the first to commercialise this format on a large scale for everyday wines with quality cues, while also allowing the range to sit in ‘craft’ territory. identity, packaging.

Lone Bee

Introducing a new category offering (single SKU) to market meant we needed to create a stand-out piece of packaging and reject many of the competitor category norms. The illustrated journey of the lone bee’s role mimics the mission our client embarked on in developing this exceptional sparkling honey mead. identity, packaging.

Village Press

The Village Press required a brand and packaging refresh to reflect its premium offering and the sublime quality of the fresh olive oil inside. It needed to communicate the product’s freshness and create clear differentiation between tiers and varietals. identity, packaging.

Wild Grace

The finger-like islands perched between the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean harbour rugged lands of humbling extremes. Storm fronts sweep the regions, whipping the landscape into unruly contours, carving terrain of awe-inspiring beauty. The distinctive range of world-class wine is skilfully crafted to embody the wild grace intrinsic to this land. identity, packaging.

Scapegrace (ex Rogue Society)

The founders of Rogue Society Gin were intent on producing a sophisticated brand devoid of stuffy gin stereotypes, embracing a new society of gin connoisseurs. We worked closely with their team to ensure all touchpoints were design-led, from the bottle itself through to the Roving Rogue vehicle branding. brand story, identity, art direction, packaging, website, brand book, signage, vehicles.

Terra Sancta

One Design was asked to develop a wine label which depicts the vineyard landscape and region, with a strong aesthetic point of difference. The labels themselves are a modern adaptation of an ancient cartouche, forming a base for allegorical portraits of the land, populated with elements from the garden vineyard surrounds and allowing for rich layers of storytelling. brand identity, illustration, packaging, stationery, sales material.

Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy is a casual, neighbourhood bar and eatery based in the Auckland suburb of One Tree Hill. A fictional character, Little Jimmy is full of tall stories and odball antics, and the brand identity was created to reflect this eccentric spirit. With a fluid and adaptable approach, the branding is designed to reveal its personality organically during each customers visit. identity, menus, website, stationery, signage.

The People’s Wine

An established brand, The People’s Wine required a refresh to enhance the quality attributes of the offering. Working again with New Zealand’s renowned artist, Martin Poppelwell’s, the result again commands shelf presence and respectfully manages the brand identity without compromising the art of the original labels. packaging, art direction. martin poppelwell

Triumph & Disaster

Triumph & Disaster tasked One Design to produce an educational brochure for the launch of their haircare range. This would embrace a new market for the first time – women. The end result features very carefully curated imagery and a visual design language that truly reflects Triumph & Disaster’s philosophy: “engineered with science / derived from nature”. art direction, brochure.

Black Grape Society

One Design was engaged early on to create a richly layered, premium wine brand based around a secret wine society, dedicated to making the finest Pinot Noir from select regions within New Zealand. brand story, identity, art direction, packaging, brand book, sales material. brand image photography: mara sommer,
styling: katie lockhart


Following continued success with their fine dining restaurant The Grove, Michael and Annette Dearth, along with head chef Ben Bayly opened Baduzzi restaurant on North Wharf, late 2013. They wished to celebrate the Italian lineage from which their love for food and wine has extended, remember their forefathers and create a new experience to accompany their take on Italian cuisine. identity, menus, wallpaper, stationery, signage. interior photography: david straight


After ten years on air (many award winning), RadioLIVE had matured as a credible and professional news and talk radio station. One Design worked to create a sophisticated and modern look that reflects the posit entertaining tone of voice that is familiar to their listeners. identity, art direction, website, brand book, signage, stationery.


With cacao sourced from a certified cooperative in Peru, this luxury confectionary brand wanted a point of difference for their flagship drinking chocolate. Our solution positioned Bennetto in the contemporary and sophisticated quadrant, with an endearingly quirky illustration of two very prim and proper exotic Preuvian birds. Gold foiling elevated the product into a high-end realm, and subtly maintained some of chocolates more traditional qualities. brand identity, illustration, packaging, advertising, art direction, product photography, pos display

Ngarimu Blair

Drawing inspiration from Ralph Hotere's 'Black Light' series, One Design created typography which represents Ngarimu Blair's consultancy and engagement with many sectors of society through a single minded linearity. identity, stationery.


After completing the Matua wordmark and Ta Moko motif for the core brand, we designed the Matua Lands & Legends range which depicts mythological legends of the land through illustrations created in-house. brand identity, wordmark, illustration, packaging, brand book, sales material.

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